Jaipur Gems and Jewelry Trail

The INDIA BY HAND Jewelry Trail is a day much loved by jewelry and design lovers who travel with us : a stunning showcase of Jaipur’s gems and jewelry heritage, spanning the spectrum from luxe jewellers who supply royalty and Hollywood stars, to lac bangle artisans on a historic bylane.

Highlight of the day is a private visit to the inner sanctum of the legendary Gem Palace, purveyors to the stars and jeweller of choice for royalty and the cognoscenti all over the world. We take a look at famed heirloom pieces like the Poison Ring designed by the late founder Munnu Kasliwal , jewelled products of intricate craftsmanship worth a king’s ransom, rubies from Burma and emeralds from Colombia and also get a tour of the artisans workshop, often accompanied by Sid Kasliwal, the charming family scion.

At Umrao Jewels , who produce jewelry in Edwardian, Byzantine, Mughal, Kundan, Meena, Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles , we experience the meaning of “wearer’s pleasure” , where the finest workmanship and embellishments - like the meenakari work above - are reserved for the inside or reverse side of the piece , something seen and felt only by the one who wears it.

A much cherished stop during the Trail is at the Amrapali Museum that houses rare jewelry , antiques and collectibles spanning 4 centuries, collected painstakingly over 4 decades by owner-founders Rajiv Arora and Rajesh Ajmera from every corner of the Indian sub-continent. An amazing tribute to the history and diversity of Indian jewelry.

The day ends literally on the other side of the spectrum in Manihaaron ka Rasta in the Pink City , amongst a community of seventh-generation lac bangle artisans who bake resin blocks from the residue of the lac insect and gently twist and carve them into colourful bangles in a style of jewelry unique to Rajasthan

The INDIA BY HAND Jewelry Trail in Jaipur is part of our Connoisseur and Luxe tours and can also be customised to your preferences. Contact us for a day of glittering jewels and sparkling history. There’s definitely a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.