A Master Photographer Captures India

Ace photographer Adam Kuehl of @adamkuehlphotography travelled with India By Hand, focusing his lens on the vibrant, bustling colours of Indian life and living


Adam shot some captivating images of Bagru village life during the India by artisanal hand block printing workshop .

His mastery and his love for India shone through in his poignant human portraits

And in the unexpected slice-of-life shots


Yarn woven out of textile waste by Sahil & Sarthak

He captured the fine crafts of furniture weaving, hand block printing and haute jewelry making - artisanal hand craft processes showcased during the trip.


Hand carved wood blocks for printing in Bagru village


Luxe heirloom jewelry at Gem Palace, Jaipur

The colours, the bustle, the chaotic order, the patterns on the walls, the murals in the forts and palaces, the shimmering,billowing , vibrant clothes on the streets, the cinematic quality of everyday life in India are a dream for every photographer. Take an India By Hand Photography Tour of India and discover the magic.

All photos courtesy Adam Kuehl